From The Bandroom, Tupou College Brass Band, 10pm Tuesday 22nd November


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In “From The Bandroom” this month we’re travelling almost exactly half way around the world to Tonga and the island of Tongatapu. There we’ll meet staff and students from Tupou College, a Methodist boys’ boarding school in Toloa which was founded in 1866 by an English Missionary.

A previous music teacher at the school was responsible for introducing brass band music to the country, and now, under director of music, ‘Eloni Niu, Tupou College has a number of high quality music ensembles including an excellent brass band, which is quite capable of tackling championship section test pieces!

We’ll listen to a selection of music from the band, and speak to students, teachers and the school’s principal to hear about how British style brass banding is faring, just about as far away from Britain as you can get.

From The Bandroom with the Tupou College Brass Band, 10pm, Tuesday 24th November on East Leeds FM.

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