From The Bandroom, Tuesday May 26th, Lockdown!


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In “From The Bandroom” this month, the present circumstances have meant that we have not been able to go out to record a brass band for the programme. We’ve not been idle though. At East Leeds FM we’ve reacted to the current crisis by putting on a daily FM broadcast specifically aimed at older people who don’t have internet access. As well as giving them important information about how to get help obtaining food and so on, we’re also bringing them a bit of company and entertainment.

As part of that programme, I’ve been sharing the efforts of musicians in lockdown, many of which will be familiar to those with access to social media, but which will have passed by our target audience.

As you would expect, the brass community has been very busy, and so in this month’s programme, please join us as we talk to brass players and feature some of the music that they have been making in lockdown.

From The Bandroom in lockdown, 10pm, Tuesday 26th May on East Leeds FM.
94.6FM (East Leeds Only)

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