From The Bandroom, Tuesday July 28th, Lockdown!


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In “From The Bandroom” this month, continuing lockdown has again meant that we have not been able to go out to record a brass band for the programme. Here at East Leeds FM, we’ve just come to the end of a very busy three month period where Ofcom granted us an emergency FM licence in order to provide a daily service specially targeted at those without internet access. I’ve spoken each day to musicians of all genres about what they’ve been managing to achieve in lockdown and we’ve listened to their remote recording efforts.

The brass community has again been very busy, and so in this month’s programme, please join us as we talk to brass players and feature some of the music that they have been making in lockdown.

From The Bandroom in lockdown, 10pm, Tuesday 28th July on East Leeds FM.

Featuring the London Trombonists In Lockdown, Kippax Band, Whitburn Band, Lofthouse Band, Steve Mead and the Bolsover International Summer School tutors and London Brass
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