From The Bandroom - Test Piece Preview Concert, 10pm Tuesday 22nd February


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In “From The Bandroom” tonight we’re at the Slaithwaite bandroom, near Huddersfield, at their Area Test Piece Preview concert for the forthcoming regional contests.

Representing the 4th section, and playing ‘Argos’ by Stephan Hodel, we have Dobcross Silver Band.

For the 2nd Section we have our hosts, Slaithwaite Brass Band to play Goff Richards’ ‘The Aeronauts’.

Finally, we have Lindley Band with the 1st section test piece, ‘Spectrum’, by Gilbert Vinter.

Our adjudicator for the evening is Sandy Smith who will give hist comments on each of the performances.

From The Bandroom at the Slaithwaite Area Test Piece Preview concert, Tonight at 10pm on East Leeds FM, and available now on the ELFM player at the same address.

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