From The Bandroom, Kippax Band Christmas Concert, 10pm Tuesday 22nd December, 10am & 10pm Christmas Day


Staff member

As is the case for most of us, the COVID 19 pandemic has rather messed up our Christmas plans for this year here on From The Bandroom. As such, we’ve been unable to get out as usual to record a Christmas concert. So, instead, we’re going to run a recording we made a couple of years ago at St Mary’s Church in Garforth, of a special Christmas concert by Kippax Brass Band.

This has been a regular outing for the band for many years. To a packed church, they play a superb Christmas set, including some new arrangements penned by the band’s MD, Stephen Tighe. During the interval, we jump back to the present and talk to the band’s chairman, Colin Moss, about Kippax Band’s hopes and plans for 2021.

Because it’s Christmas we’ve been allowed to overrun our normal one hour slot and to broadcast the entire concert, so for a brass band fix on this most unusual of Christmases, sit down, grab a mince pie and join us.

From The Bandroom with Kippax Brass Band, 10pm, Tuesday 22nd December on East Leeds FM, and again at 10am and 10pm on Christmas day.