From The Bandroom, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Drighlington Band Christmas Concert


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This month’s edition of From The Bandroom is due on Christmas Eve, so we’ve been to St Paul’s Church in Drighlington to record a special Christmas concert by the Drighlington Brass Band.

This concert is an annual event for the band. Drighlington band have a good relationship with St Paul’s church, which is only a couple of hundred yards from their bandroom, and use it for contest preparation days, as well as for other concerts throughout the year.

Because it’s Christmas we’ve been allowed to overrun our normal one hour slot and to broadcast the entire concert. and we've been given repeats on Christmas day. So, whether you're rounding off your Christmas eve, boiling your sprouts on Christmas morning or perhaps sitting with a glass of port when it's all over, grab a mince pie and join us.

From The Bandroom with Drighlington Brass Band, 10pm, Christmas eve on East Leeds FM and repeated at 10am and 10pm on Christmas day.

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