From The Bandroom 23rd July 2019 Krohnengen Brass Band


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This month on From The Bandroom we feature the reigning 1st section champions of Norway, the Krohnengen band. Last month they came to the UK on a concert tour which formed part of the band’s 50th anniversary celebrations, and we were invited to join them at a concert they gave at the Kippax Band Club.

The average age of the band is only 24, and their oldest player, principal cornet Henning Anundsen, joined us on the programme earlier in the year when he conducted the Manger Folkeshogschule band in our May broadcast.

Guest conductor, Garry Cutt, works regularly with the band and led them to a very respectable 5th place in the Elite division at the Siddis entertainment contest last November.

We talk to Henning and Garry about the band and hear a very high standard of playing throughout this short concert.

From the bandroom with the Krohnengen Brass Band, 10pm Tuesday 23rd July on East Leeds FM.

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