French Solos - not an euphemism!!


Scrub your filthy minds out with soap now... ;-)

Seriously though, have been begged to play a solo for a fundraising concert on my beloved baritone, so I need to find a solo to play. Unfortunately, the evening is themed "French", and I can't think of a thing to play! Any ideas? I enjoy playing air varies and fast things most, so that would be best, but it's getting to the stage where anything, however tenuous the "French Connection" is, would be welcome...
(have even, in moments of desperation, considered playing something by Derek Bourgeoise, just cause it's a French sounding name...) :roll:
Please help me! Thank you, says hopeful bari player...

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How about Apres un Reve by Faure?
It doesn't fit your preference for something fast but I reckon that it would sound quite good on a baritone.


Ooo, I hadn't thought of Apres un Reve - is there an arrangement of it?
(forgot to say that I need actually to be able to get hold of these musics as well :oops: )


It's definitely going to be piano accompanied (tiny village hall-type job!)
As for a duet - the only person I could drag in is my dad, and I'm not sure pearl fishers would work with Bari & Bb bass! ;-)


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Another possibility could be "Softly awakes my heart" from Samson & Delilah - available with piano accompaniment from Just Music.


If the theme is french then have a go at Emmanuelle. Cornet solo i know but gives you an excuse to research the theme tune from the movies!


Dyddgu, I must congratulate you on your grammatical correctness - 'an euphemism'.

*Broad Grin* It may be my second language, but I do have *coughcough*Some degrees in the thing ;-)

Thanks to all who have helped me on this one - have ordered a bunch of stuffs to look through - managed to catch the holiday time, alas, but hopefully will turn up before the concert! Thanks again....
*goes off to make new post picking brains yet again* ;-)


Just wanted to say that if you like Air Varie solos and the french connection doesn't have to be 'overwhelming' then you need look no further than Arban - even if he didn't compose the pieces he did arrange them. There should be plenty af fast stuff to satisfy everyone...

Cheers Erik


Morceau Symphonique?

Not "airyvary", but quite fun (and would give you a chance to prove you can still read tenor/bass cleffs :)) + its got a top C sharp (concert :eek: ) which is always exciting. Don't remember it having any 4-valve notes (there's a pedal B flat in the cadenza I seem to recall, but that's OK...)

Will look @ home and see if I've still got both solo & piano parts if you want (didn't think about it last night -sorry!), though I've got a horrible feeling the piano part may be "with my Horowitz one"!



I did Pearl fishers as a duet with our Bb Bass player - I played top part an octave down - and he played lower part as written - overall impressions was that it was a good sound - very different - but if you want your father to play as well - give it a go.....

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