Free Studies/solos with accom


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Just had a thought, isn't this site an infringment (that the right word?) on copyright laws, as this peep probs doesn't have the rights to publish the music (such as the Arban studies) on the Internet?

Roger Thorne

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Difficult to tell really Alex. The Arban is copyrighted by Hawkes & Son (1907) London. There is also the usual disclaimer: 'The unauthorised copying of the whole or part of this publication is illegal' which appears too. I notice from the PDF Files on the site that there is no subsequent copyright attached, which suggests to me that it probably is an infringement of copyright - Allegedly!



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things like concert etude I would think are also under copyright... all seems a little bit shady to me!


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8) (-shady! :roll: )
What should be done about it- if anything? :?
Surely it's illegal, and it doesn't seem like this guy has permission to have put them on the Internet...


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