FREE Beginner Backing Tracks - Great for Teaching!


I recently created a whole load of backing tracks to use at work.

They are very cheesy, but hopefully kids will find them fun!

They come in three keys, C, Bb and Eb and are for tunes only using a maximum of 5 notes!

For any teachers out there who know what I'm talking about, they are designed for use in wider opps classes and the like.

Anyway, thought I would share them around, they are downloadable for free from

Have a listen and let me know what you think!


Robin !

Thank you very much for condoning the use of your backing tracks on the FMFK website. :clap:

I / We 'The Community' - think they are GREAT !.... and certainly help to build the FMFK site into a more useful hub for everyone :)
(I have been jazzing along to them myself !)

I REALLY Respect your gesture :redface: and have also added links back to your website.

I have implemented your backing tracks on site here under a dedicated menu entry as I feel the work warrants as category of its own.

Right... enough of the compliments !.... When are you going to submit some Scores to FMFK :biggrin:;)

Many Thanks
On behalf of the site.


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