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It gives me great pleasure to announce that Bayside Music Press is now offering the publications of James McFadyen Publishing, located in Fife, Scotland. This will give American buyers easier access to these works, coupled with fast shipping and the convenience of credit card payment through PayPal.

The first three of Mr. McFayden's Brass Band titles that we're carrying are:

Catalog # JMP-BB002
ABIDE WITH ME, arranged by James McFadyen.
Never before has a hymn tune received such a grand treatment! The arranger says, "It's a right tear-jerker at the finish line, a definite must for all Brass Bands with a supremely delicious and loud finish!"

Catalog # JMP-BB001
DISTANT SKIES, by James McFadyen.
An energetic rock piece for Brass Band which is suited to 1st and 2nd Section bands, 3rd and 4th sections may find it playable from a technical stand-point but requires good strong players throughout the whole band.

Catalog # JMP-BB003
A piece of heart-warming beauty with lush sounding chords and nice melodic figures, playable by bands at all levels.

We also have one new Bayside Music Press title for Brass Band, also now listed on our website:

Catalog # BMP-0057
ANDANTE RELIGIOSO, by Jozsef Bloch, arr. Jim O'Briant
This chorale arrangement in four parts is scored only for your low conical brasses -- Baritones, Euphoniums, Eb Basses and Bb Basses. Originally composed as a study in double-stops for two violins, it provides rich and interesting harmonic progressions that sound especially lush in the low brasses. The Cornets, Horns, Trombones and Percussion are TACET throughout. Program this in the second half of a concert and you'll not only feature your low brasses, but also give everyone else a brief rest.

All of the above selections are now available for purchase through the Bayside Music Press website at:

The website has been up and running for less than six months, and earlier this week we had our 1000th visitor. The total is now over 1,100 "hits," and the number keeps climbing. We are presently negotiating marketing agreements with several more small publishers, and we'll let you know just as soon as their titles are available through Bayside Music Press.

Thanks to all of you who have placed orders with us! We appreciate your business!


Jim O'Briant
Bayside Music Press
Gilroy, CA 95020


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Hey Jim...

Glad to see is helping forge effective business relationships across the 'pond'... great to see... :D

Maybe could be mentioned to each of your clients in passing yeah? :wink: t'would be good if that were the case. Just a thought.


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