Forgotten test pieces


Brian said:
Some I remember playing, conducting and or listening to that I enjoyed are:

Some I never want to see again are:
Caledonian Suite. Buxton Orr
Cordell Suite. Helen Perkin
Crown Cavalcade. P.Beechfield Carver
Festival Overture. Henry Geehl
Festival Suite. Stuart Johnson
Flowers of the Forest. Richard Rodney-Bennett
Music for Brass Band. Martin Dalby
Sea Dogs. Maurice Johnstone
Three Inventions. Pi Scheffer/Albert Jakeway
White Company. Norman Richardson

I agree with most of these Brian but not Sea Dogs - I think Maurice Johnstone is a very under-rated composer - I remember playing this overture at the old WD & HO Wills contest in 1969 at Preston! - it would still make a good 4th section test
The White Company was a 2nd section area test in 1973 but wasnt Richardson's best piece - he wrote a monster called Avalon which was played at the 3rd section finals at Fulham Town hall in 1971 - I played rep and came third! name of band - Rothwell Temps with my dad conducting - and who won? - Redbridge Youth (with a young John Clark on euph)

John R