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Had a rather senile moment this week when I traveled back to manchester from hastings, and got to university to realise I'd left my trombone slide behind after having switched instrument cases.
Just wondering if anyones had the experiance of leaving anything bigger or more important behind?
A friend and I once left our cornets on the bus - on the way to band practise :oops: ! Cue much running round Sheffield bus station looking for the bus, the driver, the lost luggage... Fortunately managed to sort it out and we were only about 10 minutes late, so still before most of the trombone section :wink: !


I lost my cornet in Shrewsbury after auditioning for County Band. Fortunately for me someone took it to the police station and they phoned my parents as my number was inside! I hadn't realised for at least an hour though! :oops: Thank god for parents, I was too busy with my boyfriend at the time.


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Turned up for a job a couple of years ago - a march in the Llanberis carnival - without my instrument! It was bit of a mad rush getting ready, had only arrived back from holiday the day before, and I was seriously behind schedule - concentrated too much on getting the little one's pram and stuff into the car, and completely forgot about my horn!

Anyway, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as just before the march was about to start, it started raining heavily!

Ended up going into 'Pete's Eats' for a plate of the world-famous Big Jim breakfast while the rest of the band marched around Llanberis getting soaked!

They were all convinced I'd forgotten my horn deliberately! 8) :wink:


dyl said:
Turned up for a job a couple of years ago - a march in the Llanberis carnival - without my instrument!

Similar to dyl's - I forgot my cornet for a Remembrance Day service on HMS Belfast - sounds presitigious but boy is is cold on deck :wink:

Everyone thought I did it on purpose but as my husband was the MD I had to sit through the cold anyway without the enjoyment of playing (luckily wasn't doing the last post that day :oops: ).

Still not lived that one down in certain quarters - but now have a built in cornet checking function (cue for forgetting my cornet for the next job!)



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About 3 or 4 years ago I was doing a recording for a Steven Mead CD with Faireys (not name-dropping on purpose here, just stressing how embarassing this situation was!). Anyway, it was the first time I had done anything with the band, so was trying to make a good impression! I set off in plenty of time to get there nice and early. I had just got myself onto the M61 however, when glancing in my rear view mirror, I noticed something a miss... where my tuba should have been was a glaring empty space! A frantic phonecall to the parents to meet me halfway with said tuba and I was sorted, and got to Manchester to walk in at bang on 9.30 when we were supposed to start recording. The whole band and soloist of course were sat down, warmed up and ready to play! Not forgotten much since then anyway! :oops:


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Very very recent this one. Left my Jacket with my flat Key :shock: :shock: :shock: in Hull this morning, as I stayed over before the contest at Darlington this afternoon. Had to get security to let me in, and have to schedule my arrival home to coincide with when one of my flatmates is in!!! Oh dear! :roll: :oops: After a few texts to the Band chairman at EYMS (who I stayed with last night) the key should go first class tomorrow!


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I've came off the stage before and asked my mum to put my horn away for me during the interval, and she's put my mouthpiece in her pocket and forgotten about it! And then when I'm getting ready to go on stage, shes sat in the audience with my moutpiece in her pocket, and I'm running around trying to find it! :shock: :lol: But as far as I know, I've never forgotten something..... well, not that I can think of. :)


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I once did a march where our solo trombone player at the time (timbloke) didn't bring his slide. Something about putting it in his gig bag rather than his case.

I'm always forgetting things but I don't think I've forgotten to take my instrument to a job, or ever left it anywhere.


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This didn't happen to me - but to a friend and it's very funny.

The band concerned had finished a job in a shopping centre which was completely pedestrianised (is that a word :!: ). All the band had to park in multi-storey car parks around the town centre.

Anyway, the drummer packed his gear up and with the help of a couple of band members carried it to the edge of the shopping centre and asked them to stand guard over it whilst he went to get his car from the car park. An hour later he hadn't returned to pick up his gear so the band members standing guard rang him. He was at home. He'd got to his car in the car park and just drove home.
I remember years ago when a Euph player turned up to a concert with an empty case, having had the instrument out to practice at home...


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When in the forces we'd normally only left the bandroom a few minutes before someone would be flapping that they'd left something behind. A 2-3 hour coach journey can seem much longer when you're panicking whether you've got your shoes/plume/bearskin with you! - On several occasions my colleague on tenor sax got away with playing a concert in his brown shoes, just making sure he kept out of the way of the Band Sergeant Major.

Most awkward one for me was quite a small one really, when I turned up for a guard-mount without my lyre, that was at home with my own instrument, rather than the band one I'd picked up that day. 9 times out of 10 it wouldn't have been a problem, but it was not a good day from the band's point of view, with mistakes left, right and centre, whereupon the MD spotted I had no lyre, resulting in several weeks additional afternoon practice sessions in the bandroom :oops:

The most potentially disastrous one was when I was going away with my wife for a weekend, taking the saxophone with me, only to realise I'd left it on the train. Leaving wy wife with the rest of the luggage, I got to the barrier just as the train was departing from the station, so although I managed to get back on it, I had to stay on to the next station before I could retrieve the instrument and take the next train back. It certainly shows how lax security is, in that nobody had spotted/reported it, and it could easily have been quite a powerful bomb left there :shock:


Nothing that I forgot but two things that happened to our band several years ago one Whit Friday.
Firstly the coach that was suppossed to pick us up must have forgotten the time of the departure. Two hours later it arrived at the various pick-up points to find most of the players(me included!) half-cut after waiting in local pubs and also attacking the crates of beer specially purchased for the trip!
Secondly,and this affected me more, the solo and first horn march parts were not in the pad. Don't know how it happened....
I was on 2nd horn and had to play this on the marches watched by the two very smug and tanked up horn players!! :x
Was a good night though! :lol:

Dave Euph

I went to a concert once and forgot my mouthpiece ... fortunately the venue was only 10 minutes from my house so I was able to walk home and get it! :)

More recently however (last Tuesday) I forgot my shoes for my uni brass band concert. It was too late as well to nip into town and grab a cheap pair! Playing on stage in socks is quite a funny experience :oops: ...

And of course the ever present problem of leaving my trombone mouthpiece in my baritone case or vice-versa.

Naomi McFadyen

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When I was working for Plymouth Education Action Zone a couple of years ago as steel band director, I left my home in Tavistock one afternoon, and 10 miles down the road realised I left all the sticks and hand percussion at home :shock: D'oh! Turned around.... tried again...

Another time I had a band job with a previous band... left home with drum kit in car... got to the venue... setting up... mmm... no drum stool... D'oh!
:? when I was 14 I did Manchester and District contest, came off stage and left my instrument in the changing rooms.... in some illegal rush to the bar with my friend. Her sister picked her cornet up for her, and left mine there (not knowing it was mine)..... I went back to get it several pints later, and it was all gone :cry:

The contest was held at Hopwood Hall College at the time, and a few days later they rang and said the cornet had been found (minus it's case :? of all the things to steal :shock:) in a load of bushes riiiiiggght at the other end of the field. Mum and Dad weren't too happy... but all was well.

WHAT?! I didn't ask to be born blonde :cry:


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was the illegal rush to the bar with me by any chance? lol... me being also highly illegal to be anywhere near an alcoholic beverage!?! :wink:


Ken Westgate - Bass Trombone found guilty of being unable to arrive with Instrument, Mouthpeice or music all at the same time!!!!

I ,meam fancy having to fax the whole bass trombone pad of music to this seedy hotel in Southern Germany because the pad was left on the kitchen chair, those poor germans didn't understund the reams of fax machine paper flooding through !!!!


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