Forest of Dean - Derek Bourgeois


Forest of Dean

The band I play for (First Section) played this in a set test piece competition in Wales at the end of last year. Most of us (I think!) found it a very enjoyable piece, not only to play but also to work on. We did, however, find it rather difficult in places to say the least!!


Forrest of Dean was a 1st section North West Area test piece a few years back - I did enjoy playing this on Horn and would class this piece on the difficult side - powerful and technically challenging - I'd recommend some extra top register practice for your horns - top C# and Ds.

Good luck!


Funnily enough, we were talking about this piece in the pub after band last night on a reminisce (?) over old area contests.

It is a good piece, but I remember it being difficult, with a particularly lofty 1st baritone part (D's and E's) but plenty of good music and a big fat ending that needed tonnes of stamina.

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