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James McFadyen

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I have been forever wanting to write a novel. The problem is I have the attension span of a whale and the sence of the English language of a half-digested squirrel. :wink:

So, I thought, I'd write some Poetry first, just to start small, this was about 2 years ago and to this day have given up poetry, and not written a novel.

I just thought I'd share a few of my poems with u so u can criticise them or laff at them, whatever takes ur fancy really:
That said, the first Poem, Being Dead, was a shortlisted finalist in a Poetry Competition in the United States - seems like I never win nothing, only shortlisted finalist! ;)

Oh, and they're not quite so much on the happier side of life..............just a little pre-warning, thier more thought-provking poems.

“Being Dead”

Death is one of those things
One of those things no one understands
It’s devastating beauty rivals all that is humanity
A death in the family is a rendered tradition
That is what I fear.
My father will die,
Will there be anytime to say goodbye
All my memories, all my feelings,
Wandering the bewilderment of life
How much do we really appreciate?
Must we wait until they’re gone?
Not a day goes by, thinking all’s been done
I conclude only this: Live everyday as if it were your last,
Because someday, you will wear the wooden cast.

“The Meaning Of Life”

The meaning of life, a question unanswered
Unicorns run free in daisy-filled fields
Rainbows filled with radiant colour
No war, only peace
What a life it would be.
Candy covered trees and bumble bees
What a life it would be.

Governments roam and reek havoc
All this war, all this hatred
People run free in pursuit to hurt
Clouds filled with grey fear
No peace, only war
What a life this is.
Pain covered planet, turned to granite
What a life this is.

To be happy, to be true and free
That’s what life is
Surrounded in fear, life’s end is sure to be near
Look upon the bad as if it were altered good
It’s hard to believe that life can’t be better than this.
So the meaning of life, who knows?
Salvation being the only weapon to survive
Be happy, be free and be true
True to you and yourself
Only then can we answer the eternal question of life.

“Legend of the Trolls”
To where they roam no one knows
Rolling along, hopping, skipping jumping
Often misled in disguise
Leaving the mind to wander for solutions
Little do we know, little do we see
Scattered they are, alive and free.

Talking quietly, hearing enhanced
Rapeing the night like stalkers
Organising their feast
Little bodies, big ideas
Lost in civilisation
Scared by reality.

Tick tock, tick tock
Rays of light fulfil their fright
Orange and blue
Laugh at the true
Lost in the wilderness of life
Scout around, maybe you’ll find.


“Up Above”

The bells ring so clear
The pearl gates open wide
And the water blankets the ground beneath like a sheet of glass
But nothing can be more beautiful than the clouds far above
People whisper, people conspire
How shrewd people are down here
Sustained is the silence
Seeking heaven, seeking sanctuary
who seeks happiness?
Up there, the bells really do ring clear
There is no place like that down here.


“Only A Tune To Hum”

Once there was a woman
Dressed in white she was
Lips of lust, eyes could trust
Whimsical and blue, got to be true
Alone she was stood in the doorway
I peered across, I saw heaven
Heaven at the doorway.

Monique was her name, ever so tame
Eyes of wisdom, heart of gold
Away came her vail
Her face ever so pale
I began to walk over.
The crunch of the stones,
The beating of my heart,
The birds on the perch above,
Then I stopped.

She gazed at me, water-eyed
I could feel the wind rush past
I knew I was too late, I had to turn back.
The crunch of the stones,
The beating of my heart
But the birds sing no more
For there is no song to sing,
Only a tune to hum.



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i'm getting worried about this romance fixation around here... is there going to be some sort of slushy explosion on february 14th?

James McFadyen

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Well that's that then! :wink: I think I'm gonna have to write some not-so-nice, far-from-romantic music!!!!! - watch out Tullis :wink: :wink:

I feel 'Harmony' Part 2 coming on! :wink:


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Very good James - ive just informed Tom of your poetry genius. Maybe you cuold recite some for us on Thursady night, but wait, sadly I wont be at band so I will miss out. However, im sure Bruce, Tom and the rest of them would love it! Bring a bit of culture into TR! :)

How about composing a fab brass quintet thing for my wedding! Well, it would be for the drinks reception! :D



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yeh, u got sum good stuff goin on dude... i'm impressed. i been writin a couple of poems, but they aint that good. u wanna hear one lemme know. :)


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well, u got m, so if u reckon their good enuff, put em on here, but i'm watchin u...... no stealin em for ur own :p:p:p ;)
*kiss* :)

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