Sold/Expired FOR SALE: Score of Tristan Encounters

Naomi McFadyen

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Tristan Encounters score... for sale... £25...

i order this from somewhere.... then hear some bad things about their reliability... so cancel the order (supposingly)... then find what I'm looking for at trade stands.... THEN, the order from this place has come through just now! :lol:

Typical eh!


Naruco said:
have to try harder than that gang


Make it an Eb bass and you're in business :p

Ok then, I'll up the stakes with a bid of £2 and the leftover gunk I made in the lab today and i've no idea what it is.


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£3 + a piece of numerical analysis of your choice.

That's worth £12 an hour or so of my time at current rates...



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ok........ £3.50p+ ill calibrate any torque wrenchs or crimp tools you may have (ant at about £45 an hour thats a bargain!)

The Cornet King

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PeterBale said:
Yes, if you say it in a Yorkshire accent and put plenty of vinegar on it :!: :wink: :lol:

Alright a true Yorkshireman...I bid £4 'n' a bag o' 'alf eaten fish 'n' chips!...With Vinegar on 'em! :D



£4.50 and the details of a rather clever little technique for getting out of Knip when you've just moved from Tottenham Court Road to Oxford Circus under Crabbits rules.

Edit: Outbid!


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Ok not a true Aberdonian Naomi...I'll offer £10.
What a bunch of skinflints. :wink:

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