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Will the Sec

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Lara's done it again! Same ground, same opposition.

Some would say that this innings was more "worthy" than Matthew Hayden's as the opposiiton was far stronger.

Personally I blame Big Twigge. Caroline has obviously been watching the whole test match...............


Big Twigge

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have just posted on the other one......but.....I didn't watch that much of it (had Easter Egg hunts and such like to fill the weekend with!)although a couple of the windies wickets did fall very soon after leaving the room to make a cup of tea........
But.....blame me, I accept responsibility...therefore can someone contact the ICC, wisden etc and tell them that its not Lara's record....its mine :twisted: :twisted:


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Annoyed I don't have Sky Sports so i've missed the whole series :cry:

Aye go on Lara twice he's done it now... no easy task

Nice to hear about local lad Steve Harmison playing well


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What happened to 'For cricket fans (3)' or 'For fans of cricket (3)'??? :roll:


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