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Dave Payn

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Chunky wins with a full house of 22/22
Steve 21 next with 21/22

No other entrants! Despite the fact the Steve and Chunky are clearly well versed in football trivia, I'll make it a little easier next time!

1. Who, when playing for Chelsea in 1997, became the first Romanian to play in the FA Cup Final? (1 point)
Dan Petrescu

2. Which football club play their home matches at the Reynolds Arena? (1 point)

3. For which current Nationwide Division 3 club did Peter Shilton make his 1000th league appearance in 1997? (1 point)
Leyton Orient

4. Name the player who once scored on his home ground playing for an away side against a team drawn to play at home but who weren't playing in their own country! (2 points. 1 for the player, 1 for the correct explanation)
Wales v Scotland, World Cup qualifier 1977. Can't remember the reason why but the game was played at Anfield and Kenny Dalglish scored for Scotland (his club at the time was Liverpool)

5. Which Scottish league club play their home games at Hampden Park? (1 point)
Queens Park

6. Now known as the Carling Cup, name the other five 'titles' the League Cup has been given since it was first sponsored in 1982 (5 points)
Milk Cup, Rumbelows Cup, Littlewoods Cup, Coca Cola Cup, Worthington Cup, Coc-Cup (n.b. one of these answers may be false....)

7. Kenneth Wolstenholme provided the commentary in the 1966 World Cup Final for the BBC. Who commentated ITV's coverage that day? (1 point)
[a] Brian Moore
Gerald Sinstadt
[c] Hugh Johns

8. How many goals were scored in Saturday's twelve Nationwide Division 1 games (and no checking the papers!) (1 point)

9. Sunderland won in in 1979, Villa won it in 1981. Who won it in 1980? (1 point)
Brooking. Winning goal in the 1979 FA Cup Final was scored by Arsenal's Alan Sunderland. In 1981 it was scored by Spurs' Ricky Villa, in 1980 West Ham's Trevor Brooking scored the winning goal!

10. Identify the players. See if you can identify the list of current Prermiership regulars from their place of birth, date of birth and current club. (8 points)

[a] Born Watford 03.09.1970 (Middlesbrough) Gareth Southgate
Born Ipswich 29.12.1978 (Newcastle United) Kieron Dyer
[c] Born Waterford 30.04.1981 (Manchester United) John O'Shea
[d] Born Poznan, Poland 14.12.1973 (Everton) Tomas Radzinski
[e] Born Lambeth, London 13.10.1980 (Charlton Athletic) Scott Parker
[f] Born Stepney, London 20.12.1980 (Arsenal) Ashley Cole
[g] Born Norwich 18.05.1977 (Middlesbrough) Danny Mills
[h] Born Chester 14.12.1979 (Liverpool) Michael Owen


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Didn't get my (and my housemates) answers in in time.

Haven't cheated at all. Promise.

1. Correct
2. Correct
3. Correct
4. We didn't have a clue and thought it might have been something to do with Euro '96
5. Correct
6. Got Worthington, Coca-Cola, Milk didn't get Rumbelows or Littlewoods
7. Correct
8. We thought 48, presumably before Sheff Utd v Watford had been included?
9. Correct
10. All Correct!!

17 points i think??!!

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