Football mascots- what a hard life!


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Now might be the best time to officially adopt Arthudders as your true mascot then! ;)


2nd man down

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we couldn't possibly drop terry...but how good would an Arthudders look bouncing down the touchline??? :terrier

Maybe we could have both??!?

Get well soon Terry!!!

The Cornet King

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I think arthudders can be the unofficial fans mascot! :terrier

How ace would it be if they sold them in the club shop, ones that actually bounced.

:terrier :terrier :terrier


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forget that......bring on Bristol city cat Vs Wolfie - 1st division a couple of seasons ago....Our Wolfie is a bit mad , I think at the Mcalpine he gestured to the Huddersfield fan...before they dropped 2 divisions..which was wrong
Heh, no-one at work's talking to me at the minute. I work in Mansfield but am supporting Huddersfield in the final. I have incensed the entire college. Woo!

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