Chinnor Silver recent 3rd Section winners at Folkstone Contest,require either a Solo Horn or Euphonium and a Bass or Solo Trombone.Other players also welcome to apply,as current players in this friendly band are always open to suggestions.Contact M.D on 01844 352291.

Ray Woods

Folkstone 3rd placed band also looking for players

I know it is a bit rude of me piggy backing off your posting with an advert of my own, so please accept my apologies, and congratulations on a great performance. However......

....Mid Sussex Brass Band based in Burgess Hill (12 miles North of Brighton) would really like to knock Chinnor off their number one spot next year (after all they have won it the last 2 years). So if you want to join a band with great ambitions, who have moved from a 10th place to 3rd place in one year at the Folkstone contest, then I would love to hear from you. In particular we are looking for:

A good principal cornet (to knock me off my perch..gladly)
A soprano cornet
Tutti Solo cornets (2 more would be nice)
At least one more 2nd or 3rd cornet
BBb Bass players

In fact we would be happy to hear from any players who would like to play with a friendly, fast improving 3rd Section band. We regularly contest (including entertainments) and play at functions throughout the year. We are hoping to go to Germany next year again.

We rehearse on a Thursday night in Burgess Hill under the excellent Directorship of Mr Andy Wooler.

Instruments can be supplied, so if you fancy converting to a different intrument from your regular one, this could be the opportunity (e.g. have you always fancied having a go at soprano?).


And sorry once again to Chinnor for high-jacking your advert....but you are already too good.....what do you need more players for? It would be much better if we got them to make it more of a contest for you next year.

PS: Where is Chinnor?...none of us knew on Saturday.
Nice one Ray

Chinnor is situated between Oxford and High Wycombe so i don't think we could share any players that reply,but congrates on your result sat.

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