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Dave Payn

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No info on the SCABA website but they have contact numbers. I'm sure if you gave one of them a ring, they'd be able to tell you. I know I've got my work cut out already. Conducting one band and playing percussion in another (on an allowable day transfer) both in the same section!

Trouble is, I'm a cornet player..... :?



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There's usually 8 ish in each section but you don't normally find out until the day! Not sure if theres any pot hunters (did I say that? I meant guest bands :lol: ) coming from Europe or Yorkshire this year - usually makes the Championsdhip section a bit more interesting.
If you want to find out today., Ian Carter (SCABA sec.) is pretty approachable.


Accidental said:
There's usually 8 ish in each section but you don't normally find out until the day! Not sure if theres any pot hunters (did I say that? I meant guest bands :lol: ) coming from Europe or Yorkshire this year - usually makes the Championsdhip section a bit more interesting.
If you want to find out today., Ian Carter (SCABA sec.) is pretty approachable.

Naughty, naughty, could that quote be applied to us. We enjoyed the contest last year. Well run, nice venue, but a dreadful rainy day, then we had to go and do a concert in Dover town hall. Finished the job, set off, bus slowed down on the M1 for the first drop off (me thankfully) at Nottingham, and the bus's gearbox blew up. I got home at 3 in the morning, the rest of the band got in at 6am.

We won;t be attending this year, Pontins, Butlines, Spenny all in the year end calendar. Best of luck to all competing bands.


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Not just you!! SCABA seem to go out of their way to attract "visitors" to our contests, especially from the continent, and those bands often make it clear they think its easy pickings. Lets be honest, we all know the standard down south isn't so good, but it is frustrating for a local bands as sometimes it feels like they don't have a chance! :(

And its not sour grapes - haven't been in the top section until this year, and my bands not going this w/end anyway. I guess the gripe is with the contest organisers.


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Ian Carter (Secretary) plays at my band.

I'll see if I can get any information.

Can't promise anything though.



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Accidental said:
SCABA seem to go out of their way to attract "visitors" to our contests, especially from the continent

I thibnk this has more to do with Folkestone being nearer to the continent than any other contest - the Belgians would already be home from this one whilst the brit bands were still stuck coming back from Dundee!

Ray Woods

Mid Sussex Brass Band success at Folkstone

Congratulations are in order to Andy Wooler (above) for taking Mid Sussex Brass Band to Folkstone and gaining a well deserved, cup winning 3rd place (out of 12 playing) in the 3rd section (where we are categorised). Also for having the courage to enter us in the Section above (2nd), where we didn't do so well in the test piece, but came a creditable 5th (out of 11) in the Hymn tune.

Well done Andy and the band.



The comment previously about bands from outside the area taking part as the contest is deemed ''easy pickings'' is an interesting one, to survive the contest needs to attract as many bands as possible surely? however another issue is that those bands taking part play in the correct section.

To my mind every contest should use the national gradings to determine which section bands enter. the use of ''local gradings'' only leads to confusion and should only apply to those bands who choose not to compete in the national championships.



I think the main attraction for bands entering SCABA contests is the fact that they are extemely well run, having recently moved back to the Westcountry the difference is marked!
When Boosey`s next sack the organisers of the Nationals, they could do a lot worse and try to tempt John Pickett out of retirement and run it for them, the man`s quiet and friendly efficiency is much needed.
Ian Heard.
Soundhouse Brass
and formerly of Crystal Palace Band.


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Well said Ian - I had the pleasure of serving on the SCABA Executive a few years ago and would agree with those who acknowledgede SCABA as being the most forward thinking band association around with an excellent team running it. The popularity of the Folkestone Contest is testament to that.
John Pickett was a hard act to follow but Ian Carter has stepped up to the challenge to maintain the momentum.


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IYOUNG said:
..... those bands taking part play in the correct section.
Thank you! You not only got the point I was trying to make, you explained it better too!!

As I said in my first post it makes the top section more interesting, and I meant that as a GOOD thing.

I'm not saying we shouldn't open the contests up, my concern (and that of many others judging on the rumblings in the bar !!!) at these contests, is that the visitors tend to outclass the local bands and guarantee that a SCABA member band isn't going to win - not exactly encouraging. I've heard conversations about bands pondering the point of even entering the contests in this situation. I wholeheartedly agree with everyone's comments about survival, and SCABA'a excellent organisation, but surely if an associations own bands are thinking twice about supporting their own contests then there is something wrong?

Oh, and the only reason my band didn't enter this year is timing after Dundee, nothing to do with the visitors issue.... so there's no sour grapes here, just a concern. Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now! :bounce


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Some stats from the Scaba website regarding overseas bands (Championship section) at Fokestone contest

Since 1996, a number of overseas bands, predominantly Belgian, have attended this contest as follows:

1996 - 1st 3 places were Scaba members, the visitors came 4th
1997 - The winner was local, the visitors came 2nd
1998 - as above
1999 - Visitors came 1st & 3rd
2000 - Visitors won
2001 - Visitors came second
2002 - Visitors came 5th

Therefore, in 5 out of 7 yrs, this contest was won by a UK band
in 4 out of 7 cases, this band was local to SCABA
on just 2 occassions in the 7 yrs was the contest won by a non UK based band.

Another stat which a lot of contests would envy is the total entries this year:

12 third section bands played, 13 entered
4 Youth bands
11 second section
14 First section scheduled to play today
8 Championship section scheduled to play today


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Saturday's results, from BBW's site:

Southern Counties Amateur Band Association
54th Autumn Contest
Adjudicator for all sections: David Hurst

Third Section
Band Hymn Test Piece
1. Chinnor Silver, David Pegram 84 1st 86
2. Shanklin Town, Malcolm Lewis 81 4th 84
3. Mid Sussex Brass, Andy Wooler 75 10th 83
4. Cobham, Ted Howard 78 7th 82
5. Thundersley Brass, Keith Schroeder 77 8th 81
6. Lewes Glynde & Beddingham, Ian Stewart 80 5th 80
7. K.M.Gillingham Concert Brass, Wally Hammond 83 2nd 79
8. Godalming, David Wright 79 6th 78
9. Somersham Town, Duncan Wilson 76 9th 77
10. Snowdown Colliery, Richard Long 73 12th 76
11. Heathfield Silver, Frankie Lulham 74 11th 75
12. Mayfield, Roy Fuller 82 3rd 74

Best Instrumentalist: Euphonium, Chinnor Silver
Best Bass Section: K.M.Gillingham Concert Brass
Conductors Prize: David Pegram, Chinnor Silver
Highest Placed Member Band: Chinnor Silver

Youth Section
Band Hymn Test Piece
1. Enderby Youth, Stewart Osgood 80 1st 86
2. Solent Youth, Wesley Garner 79 2nd 85
3. Canterbury Youth, David Cutting 78 3rd 84
Shanklin Town Youth, Malcolm Lewis 77 4th 83

Conductors Prize: Wesley Garner
Best Instrumentalist: Daniel Brown, Solo Cornet, Solent Youth

Second Section
Band Hymn Test Piece
1. Brassband Panta Rhei Gent, Paul Voet 83 2nd 85
2. Littleport, Jonathan Hammond 84 1st 84
3. St Sebastian Wokingham, Bruce Gentry 82 3rd 83
4. Hangleton, Christine Nonoo 79 6th 82
5. Sussex Brass(Hastings), Steve Hollamby 78 7th 81
6. East London Brass, Steve Earley 77 8th 80
7. Cranbrook Town, Ian Lanceley 76 9th 79
8. Battle Town, Jon Penton 81 4th 78
9. Sandhurst Silver, Roger Burke 75 10th 76
10. Croydon Brass, Dave Payn 74 11th 75
11. Mid Sussex Brass, Andy Wooler 80 5th 74

Best Instrumentalist: Solo Cornet, Brassband Panta Gent
Best Horn Section: Brassband Panta Gent
Best Percussion Section: Littleport
Conductors Prize: Christine Nonoo

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