Sold/Expired Fodens Award Entry

James McFadyen

New Member

This testpiece, written in June 2003 for the Fodens Richardsons Award is due to be released on Monday 2nd February.

This entry got down to the final 21 out of 122 and now pleased to announce it's LONG-WAITED release!!!

Any band contemplating making a recording and looking for an extra piece, please pm me and I'll give it to you for FREE!!

The piece is based around 2 intervals, which evetually progress to a fiery melody! Semi-quaver high hats and strong down beat patterns set an un-stoppable groove! If you like catchy tunes, modal harmony, tons of percussion and lots of loud bits, then this is the piece for you! Last four notes are marked ffffff. Woooooaaaahhhhhh - now's your chance to blast! ;)

Priced at £45.00, with a pre-order price of £22.50!!! HALF PRICE

To pre-order your copy, pm me by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (30TH JANUARY)

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