Flugel - Shropshire

Jo Elson

Intrument: Flugel Horn

Location/Region: Shropshire/Cheshire

Grade: 5 (stopped doing grades after 5)

Name: Joanne Elson

Contact Details: E-mail:joelson_820@hotmail.com

Instrument(s) played: Flugel Horn, cornet (don't own a cornet though)

Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: 3rd

How much notice do you require: 2 weeks

Name of your present Band: Wem Jubilee Band

Position played within present Band: Flugel Horn

What section is your present Band in: 3rd

Would you require transport: depends on venue

Do you require expenses: ideally if not requiring transport

Any additional comments/Information:
I would feel comfortable playing in 3rd section - that is as a flugel player. But I would play back row cornet in 2nd section. Good at sight reading and enjoy meeting new people.

Jo Elson

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