Flugel mouthpieces - advice and opinions sought


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Respected flugel players! Would anyone like to walk me gently through the respective merits of a Denis Wick 2FL and a Denis Wick 4FL mouthpiece? There seems very little difference apart from the rim width according to the tech. spec. so which is best for what sort of result, in your opinion?
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PS Don't make assumptions about the mouthpiece I use for my French Horn, it has a very wide rim indeed!


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I use a 2FL and it's quite a deep mouthpiece, a bit tricky on high register tuning occasionally but a good mouthpiece. The best person to ask for advice would be JD (AKA Mr. Doyle), who plays a 4FL (or did) and is the Warburton Ambassador (I don't think he means the bread tho! :wink: )

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I always used a DW 4FL. I found it comfortable and never had any problems with the upper register.

I miss my flugel! :(
I use a 2F and have done for years. It should be noted that a 2FL and 4FL mouthpieces are made for USA and Japanese instruments. The 2F and 4F should be used for European made instruments. I play a Bach Strad which has obviously been made in Europe the FL mpc sticks out a little further from the shank. I also have a Yamaha flugel where the FL mpc fits in comfortably. Hope this helps

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i use a 4F on a besson. its quite deep so gives a warm sound thats a balance between the cornet and tenor horn sound.

it works for me. i expect you should just try them and see what you like-balance between big sound and high register and youre sorted.


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Flugel Mouthpieces

I use a Dennis Wick 4f, I find it good for the upper octaves, it also helps to create a nice mellow sound. Hope this helps. :)

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I use a 4Fl, and I reckon that it is a good all round mouthpiece for higher and lower notes. I got it in silver and gold and i have to say that the gold mouthpiece is a lot easier because it warms up quicker and is nicer on the lips, plus i think it is easier to get the higher notes. But I have never played on a 2Fl, so i couldn't compare


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I play on a 2FL, it's the largest mouthpiece Denis Wick make for flugel, but don't lwet this put you off. It has a beautiful mellow sound, and i don't seem to have lost any range, if anything it has increased. But i like large deep mouthpieces, and eveyone has their own preferences. The best suggestion has to be to try them and see which one suits YOU. I love the 2Fl, but who is to say you will. Thjere are so many factors involved in mouthopiece selection, remember it is the link between you and the instrument.

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