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I have a Besson flugel I play occasionally alongside trumpet in a Jazz band. I use a V Bach 7c mouthpiece on the trumpet and got the V Bach 7c equivalent for flugel. But it gives it quite a harsh sound. Any recommendations for a mouthpiece to give it a warmer, richer sound that wont be too far away for my embrochure? Dennis Wick, V Back or other


I had a 7c equivalent which I agree is very harsh. It is quite a big difference but I found DW4BFL produces much better tone.


I totally agree with KenIrvin. My mentor on this subject was Roger Webster. I played the DW RW3 on my Prestige, because that's what it came with. So when I went onto Flugel (1st Section) I would switch between the DW RW3FL and it. However, when I moved onto Principal cornet 2nd section I had to switch to the DW 4RW ( I know - practice more) and opted for the DW RW4FL for those odd occasions on Flug. Now mainly Flug but the system works for me. Interestingly, I dabbled on Trumpet and found, with help, that the Warburton 5 cups (I have all 4 including my favourite the double D) mix great with the DW 4 range and Alliance 3 range. By the By, the DW 2/3/and 4 are identical to the FL range; the difference is the thickness of the wall. (try a fag paper wrapped around the cornet one for an experiment!) ps, for Brass Band I prefer the Courtois 155R.

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