Flowerdale at Glasgow


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i dont know about you, but the way that Peter Roberts played flowerdale at the europeans i thought was absoloutly amazing. i never knew that the sop could be played so powerfully but yet so pure. and he made it look as if it was easy. Sometimes he is a man that i love to hate....


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But it so much better hearing "the man" live.
He is a perfectionist..the slightist blip and he is not pleased.
Think Pete are YBS are amazing....you probably will have noticed I am a fan. :wink:


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His performance on the night was spectatcular, the 'Dundonell' that followed was something very special too, listen to LTTB on Radio 2 May 21st for the shout of 'bravo' immeadiately after the final note by a anonymous TMp'er :wink:


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It's the closest I will get to contributing to a YBS performance.....I knew it was loud, but am particularly pleased the band heard it...I meant it too :lol:


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that is something u do not admit... it's like them ppl who shout *more* after a long concert. if only i had a gun. :shock:

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