Sold/Expired Flower of Scotland


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Don't mean to upset you but it seems to me that most of what you're advertising is re-arrangements of pieces that have already been done. Are we likely to see any really "new" arrangements soon?
When I hear this, all I can think of is that dreadful day at Murrayfield in 1990 when England blew the Grand Slam in the 5 Nations!


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What do you mean Carl, dreadful day??? That was a good day. Unfortunately we Welsh are picking at crumbs concerning rugby. However our new Welsh national sport of soccer is going much better...I would fancy our chances against England.

James McFadyen

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I am already aware that Flower of Scotland has been arranged before, but the arrangement I know doesn't really do justice to the tune in my opinon.

If anyone has suggestion of arrangments then please let me know.

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