Fling the cow


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gorgeous_bari!_player said:
well i did my best for tMP but alas twas in vein, for all i got was 410

evil farmer :evil:

. . . must be a clarinettist :!: :wink: :lol:


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Got a couple of 400's then spent half an hour trying to hit the farmer. Didn't work, he just get's more sarcastic :evil:


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Got 400, but leader board now starts at 460... come on tMPers!

If I could just play this whilst another window plays the badger song I will be a happy badger.

Badger badger badger badger badger coooww!


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370 first time out!!! Must keep trying!!! If you're planning on travelling by train after 9:30 tonight around by me, don't bother. I will be flinging cows!!!


Jo Elson

I only got 10points on my first go. I thought once the catapult reached the bottom that was it, even though it did say the longer you hold it down the further it flys, I got the hang of it now though. But that farmer keeps saying my cow is too small when i hit the bullseye - how rude, a compliment wouldn't go a miss!!! :D

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