FLICKR.COM Online photo album


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jan_h said:
nice pictures!

Is this Flickr thing completely free? How many space do you get?
Currently I use my MSN Space to share some of my pictures. Maybe I should switch to this flickr site?

Thanks :cool:

You can get a free account but you're restricted to the number that you can upload very month plus you'll be limited on the features available to you. It's a great community site though and I love it.

It's worth the $25 a year to pay for a Pro account so that I can upload all my photos if I wish, plus loads of sites are implementing Flickr tools so that you can automagically include your photos


I've got a free Flickr account at the moment. have uploaded just over 100 photos in about 1 month. Although I am thinking about buying a pro account as I am limited to the number of sets etc that I can create.