First Aiders!


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There certainly do seem to be some anomalies regarding the position of First Aiders, and the public perception of what they can and can't do. In a previous employment we needed to have a member of staff trained as a First Aider, but were amazed at the restrictions placed upon him, at risk of losing his First Aider status - he was not allowed, for example, to dispense a sticking plaster!


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thought i'd dredge out some old topics!

I remember Ovington Tynedale used to have a St. John's Instructor playing BBb Bass (he's actually on here as Prudhoe_bass but never posts). I wasn't there, but apparently he once had to perform CPR on a contest organiser!!

Alas though it always seemed to be him getting into difficulty;

1) Cracked Rib suffered when large percussionist sat on him on the buson the way to National Finals
2) Severe Anaphylatic shock when he swigged a pint with a wasp in it. Ended up drifting in and out of consiousness whilst instructing a student nurse in the band how to use the oxygen kit out of his car!
3) Bizarre Angina attack type thing on the way back from Whitehaven Contest. Spiked drinks were apparently the cause. Me and my big sis ended up doing first aid (it was him who taught us!)and my dad ended telling the rest of the band (v.drunk) in a very loud voice that Hexham General Hospital was neither a pub nor a toilet stop!!


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Well Heln, you and the rest of the BT mob can breathe easy since I went on a first aid course last year and (somehow) passed it. What a pleasant thought eh. Just having lunch and practising my shakers.........


Tyldesley has a police officer and countless engineers. Sure one of them would know what to do.

But you do have a point that it isn't something we have an action plan for.

Bandsmen seem to get so Pi**ed that anything could happen and they wouldn't be able to do anything.


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Yeah my mate fell over at the Carnegie contest last year and broke her thumb but because she was so rangooned, they couldn't operate till the next day. She ended up with a pin in her thumb for a couple of months. Nice. And those stairs at the ladies toilets in the Winter Gardens in Blackpool are lethal after a few shandies!!!!


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Nasty accident a few years ago at Carnegie, when BBb Bass player (Ian) from Johnstone tripped through a doorway, tuba in one hand beer in other (didnt spill a drop, a true tuba genius). Fortunately one of their band was on hand with some medical experience, as i was about to be sick due to the unatural shape of his now broken arm. It mended up fine though, so perhaps a good first aid knowledge is not a bad thing to have in the band.


Well with only 5 to look after I'm OK. I'm also a First Aid assessor......yes that nasty person that puts you through your paces after a long weeks slog on your course!!!!!!!!