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does anyone know how to get the brass band instrumentation on Finale Print music? I've had a search on the Finale forums and apparently a BB template was available at one point but its not included in the latest version.

I've got the trial version at the mo, get on with it much better than Sibelius and I'm tempted to upgrade but don't see much point if the right instruments aren't in there.


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I may be wrong about this, however AFAIK the Brass Band template was never included in PrintMusic, only in the full Finale. I just checked, and there is still a BB template in the Full Finale2012 version, although personally, I would never use it. (I think it's mostly corrected now, however at one time half the instruments were set up with incorrect clefs/transpositions ... )

I'm not really sure exactly what you mean when you say "... if the right instruments aren't in there." - the template in F2012 is set up to use only the standard Softsynth orchestral brass sounds. Neither the softsynth libraries nor the Garritan samples supplied with Finale include "real" British-style brass band sounds, and if you're hoping to create soundfiles that sound like a real brass band you're probably out of luck. If you're happy to go with an ensemble sound based on substitutions from the available sound libraries, (mellophoniums for tenor horns, for example!), then setting up your own template from scratch is no big deal.

If you want more detailed assistance, feel free to PM.
It was in Print Music (at least it was in the 2009 Mac version!). However, a lot of templates were taken out of the 2011 upgrade.

The advice from Finale was to transfer the required template files from the previous version folders to the 2011 ones.....

This worked (for me, at any rate), but isn't a lot of use for new users - Alex, if you're using the Mac version, PM me - I might be able to copy and zip the files and send them to you!

NB: I think their brass band scoring is both accurate and easy to use/manipulate....but I mainly use it for re-arranging things rather than composing...



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thanks guys.
I'm not fussed about how the playback sounds, its more about reducing faff with the labelling/instrument names and getting the clefs and octaves right.

So far I've used Finale to arrange stuff for woodwind and trumpet learners and its been great, I just wanted to find out a bit more before I decide to spend any money on it and for me having easy access to the traditional BB set up would be handy too.

One suggestion I found on the Finale forum was to open a BB score with the 2011 programme and rip a template from that, but I opened up about 20 "brass band" pieces from the showcase and every single one had trumpets, bass clef euphs & troms etc etc - slightly irritating! Does anyone here have anything they can send me to try? I've got it on Windows.
That's exactly the sort of thing I do, and I agree that the playback isn't important

PM me your e-mail and I'll send you a couple of Xmas carols I had to transpose as we had a school with 'C' instruments with us one year....Even though I did it on a Mac, the finished files should open with Windows....(or so I am told....)