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Hello :)
Something I'd love to do in the future is play in an orchestra or band that was doing music for a film - the "background" music as well as the main themes etc. I was watching the Wizard of Oz last night (class film) and thinking how cool it would be to play the music for that. Does anyone know how you can get into doing that?


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Be a *edit* good player and get into the LSO or some American equivalent.

Edit: no need for bad language! (dyl)


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Oops sorry!!! If it's good enough to be paraded on French Connection T shirts, I thought it would be ok. Sorry :oops: Please forgive me! :oops:


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yeah, you do need to be a bit good, and manage to get the LSO to invite you along. The guy that used to teach me got to play something like 8th trombone on the Phantom Menace soundtrack, and he was flaming ace!


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My dream has always to be to play clarinet in the Disney orchestra, america at Symphony hall but I guess for anyone other than the 100 or so there it is just a dream ... go for it though - someone has to do it :D


Lauradoll said:
Be a *edit* good player and get into the LSO or some American equivalent.

Yes I guess can't be stressed enough! you need to be amazing at everything, I'd guess especially sight reading.
And whilst a lot of films are recorded with orchestras like the LSO, it's my understanding that a lot of the time they are scrach orchestras of freelance players (usually those from the LSO etc).
As is always the case, it helps if you know the right people too!
Also, as has been touched on, getting a very good teacher helps immensely too, especially one who has experience in the field!


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Play Contrabass Trombone - modern film scores sometimes write for several, and the pool of players is still very small.
Alot of the top bands like YBS play alot of film music. I think this kind of music played by a brass band is fantastic. I perticuly like the 'lord of the Rings' arrangement. Its a lovely peace to play on solo cornet, with some really nice solo's mixed in.

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