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My band is planning to do a concert based around Film Music and I was just wondering if anyone knew of any movie music that was arranged as a solo for euph (or other lesser instruments... only kidding :D )


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There are loads of film music arrangments out at the moment...
E.T. Flying theme - John Williams arr Steve Sykes
Born on the 4th July -John Williams
Schindlers list - John Williams
Lord of the Rings - Howard Shore
Hymn to the fallen ( Saving private Ryan ) - John Williams
Parade of the Chariotters ( from Ben Hur ) - arr Steve Sykes
Star Wars
loads of John Williams arrangments....
should be easy to plan a concert will all these


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bit of a "d'oh" occured there :p
mind you, superman would sound funny arranged as a euph solo :)


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very funny BOC.....
Listen here " mate " was only given some suggestions for music for the concert not just a euph solo...if you got nothing useful to add to the thread then dont put owt in....

Di B

Wind Beneath My Wings from Beaches as a Trom solo.... might sound ok on euphonium.... especially if you have a trombone sound! :lol:

Not certain if would classify as 'film' music technically, but there is also Music of the Night arranged as a euph solo (and Phantom of the Opera was origianlly a film!)

Big Fella

I helped a band out over the weekend, that did exactly the same concert..

Euph Solo, they did Myfannwy ( sorry for spelling )

It seems it was used in some old film or other, something to do with My Green Valley. I can try to find out more inof if required ???


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There was a trombone solo of something from the African Queen... Love's Enchantment I think... It was only a piano accomp when I played it though, not sure if it's been done for band. Could have worked well for euph as well...


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Myfanwy arr Denzil Stephens...Sarnia Music
aye top arrangement , I think every Welsh Film has it in( not as a euph solo )...Twin Town , Hedd Wyn...How Green is my Valley.
there is an arrangment ( made for the Childs Brothers ) by Eric Ball for Male Voice Choir and euph duet...would try Rosehill to check to see if it is available.


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Is there not a euph arrangement of "Men of Harlech". It was used in the film Zulu.

There's a few arrangements of various Bond themes which are arranged for other Bb instruments but which might work on euph.
It might not work but then again it might be worth a try: Schindlers List, Theme from The Mission: Gabriel's Oboe (David Childs recorded it on Metamorphosis CD). I'm sure there are loads of others that would sit well on a euph.
Gabriel's Oboe on eupho is cool. Also the Superman arrangement as recorded by Grimethorpe on their recent movie hits CD is a cracker.

Actually now thats made me realise that any of them cliche'd brassed off numbers classify as film music don't they :?
Personally i think the only film music solos you'll find will be all the cheesy songs from disney.
Though I suppose if that's what you want ...


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Cheers for the replies people, I was just trying to wrack my brains for something to play.

I thought about Gabriels Oboe that Dave Childs did but I don't know if its published
it was recorded with wind orchestra. However, there was a solo played by Oystein Baadsvik (tuba) at the European Farewell concert last year in Norway. You can contact Oystein at the following email address:

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