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My band is planning to do a concert based around Film Music and I was just wondering if anyone knew of any movie music that was arranged as a solo for euph (or other lesser instruments... only kidding :D )


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There are loads of film music arrangments out at the moment...
E.T. Flying theme - John Williams arr Steve Sykes
Born on the 4th July -John Williams
Schindlers list - John Williams
Lord of the Rings - Howard Shore
Hymn to the fallen ( Saving private Ryan ) - John Williams
Parade of the Chariotters ( from Ben Hur ) - arr Steve Sykes
Star Wars
loads of John Williams arrangments....
should be easy to plan a concert will all these


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bit of a "d'oh" occured there :p
mind you, superman would sound funny arranged as a euph solo :)


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very funny BOC.....
Listen here " mate " was only given some suggestions for music for the concert not just a euph solo...if you got nothing useful to add to the thread then dont put owt in....

Di B

Wind Beneath My Wings from Beaches as a Trom solo.... might sound ok on euphonium.... especially if you have a trombone sound! :lol:

Not certain if would classify as 'film' music technically, but there is also Music of the Night arranged as a euph solo (and Phantom of the Opera was origianlly a film!)

Big Fella

I helped a band out over the weekend, that did exactly the same concert..

Euph Solo, they did Myfannwy ( sorry for spelling )

It seems it was used in some old film or other, something to do with My Green Valley. I can try to find out more inof if required ???


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There was a trombone solo of something from the African Queen... Love's Enchantment I think... It was only a piano accomp when I played it though, not sure if it's been done for band. Could have worked well for euph as well...


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Myfanwy arr Denzil Stephens...Sarnia Music
aye top arrangement , I think every Welsh Film has it in( not as a euph solo )...Twin Town , Hedd Wyn...How Green is my Valley.
there is an arrangment ( made for the Childs Brothers ) by Eric Ball for Male Voice Choir and euph duet...would try Rosehill to check to see if it is available.


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Is there not a euph arrangement of "Men of Harlech". It was used in the film Zulu.

There's a few arrangements of various Bond themes which are arranged for other Bb instruments but which might work on euph.
It might not work but then again it might be worth a try: Schindlers List, Theme from The Mission: Gabriel's Oboe (David Childs recorded it on Metamorphosis CD). I'm sure there are loads of others that would sit well on a euph.
Crabtree Music publish Go the Distance from Disney's Hercules as a Euph Solo, arranged by David Stowell

Available to buy online at or through any reputable BB dealer.

Gabriel's Oboe on eupho is cool. Also the Superman arrangement as recorded by Grimethorpe on their recent movie hits CD is a cracker.

Actually now thats made me realise that any of them cliche'd brassed off numbers classify as film music don't they :?
Personally i think the only film music solos you'll find will be all the cheesy songs from disney.
Though I suppose if that's what you want ...


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Cheers for the replies people, I was just trying to wrack my brains for something to play.

I thought about Gabriels Oboe that Dave Childs did but I don't know if its published
it was recorded with wind orchestra. However, there was a solo played by Oystein Baadsvik (tuba) at the European Farewell concert last year in Norway. You can contact Oystein at the following email address:


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