Film Music Competition

James McFadyen

New Member
All you have to do to win the competition is make a guess at what Film Score I am arranging for Brass Band in 2004.

The winner will recieve a free copy of the score once it's finished!

Only one guess per person.

Competition Deadline: 1pm Friday 5th December 2003

Good luck!


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ummm... i'll go for one of them there Lord of the Rings films... err, the second one... the 2 towers.

James McFadyen

New Member
Sorry, I'll let you have another go, I did post somthing on tMP about doing the 2 towers score, which although I intend doing, I don't want you to feel obliged to say that, perhaps that score will come up a few times in here - sorry should have said so -

So the only clue is: it's not Lord of the Rings.

Lynchie, have another guess (only lynchie mind! :wink: )
By the way, on the subject of lord of the Rings, as well as the Sibelius 3 (symphony) quote, there is a quote from letter K in Tchaik 6- same key, same fact its more than a quote as it forms the main material of a whole track (which comes back about 20 times!)............

..............And you thought we wouldn't notice Mr Shore!

Dave Payn

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Don't know, but anyone doing a medley of the songs featured in Little Voice gets my wholehearted approval!

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