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Am looking to get hold of the G.Emerson Arrangement of the whole " Fest Music der stad Wein " I played it in 1993 with the National Youth Brass Band of Wales under Frank Renton .
I know it was arranged for Desford and H.Snell , it is a much different version to the Banks arrangement ( lasts about 11 mins ) , does anyone have an idea if it is published? and if so by who?


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I seem to recall we had some discussions about this one amongst the team when preparing our copyright information. I have a feeling that there were some problems regarding that arrangement, and that the Strauss estate tend to be very restrictive on what happens to his music. The person who is likely to know is Dave Payn. He may see this himself or else send him a pm.

Dave Payn

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Indeed, Mr Emerson did arrange the whole Festmusik (some 11 minutes long) for brass band. It does not compare to the Eric Banks arrangement as he only arranged a short fanfare excerpt (some 2-3 minutes long) from the Festmusik. As for getting hold of it, I would follow Philip Sparke's advice and contact details. If you can get hold of it, it's well worth getting. Not necessarily judging the arrangement one way or t'other, but as a piece of music in its own right, it's fantastic (in my own humble opinion. I'm biased, 'cos I love it!).

If you want a benchmark recording of the original, (apologies in advance if I'm spouting more than I should. Wouldn't be the first time...) might I be bold enough to suggest you get 'A World Tour' by the Royal Academy of Music Brass Soloists (can be ordered from the RAM website for a fiver) In my humble (again!) opinion, it outshines the recordings of the Locke Brass Consort, (Chandos) London Brass Virtuosi (Hyperion) and even the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble! (Argo/Marcophon)

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