Favourite swing arrangement for brass band

Dave Payn

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I don't mean to stir, particularly after the Why Swing Music thread got a bit shirty, but it doesn't mean to say there haven't been good arrangements of big band/swing pieces, irrespective of posters' views on how effective the medium can perform them.

There has, in my humble opinion, been an increase in quality in arrangements of this type of music. Bill Geldard has been responsible for a number of good arrangements, as has Philip Sparke and Mark Freeh to name but a few.

My own personal favourite, having performed it with Croydon Brass Band recently, is Mark Freeh's arrangement of I've Got You Under My Skin for flugel solo and band (luckily, our flugellist is a former member of the Syd Lawrence Orchestra. We were grateful for his input!).

Nevertheless, though this is a 'what's your favourite' thread, I'm also on the lookout for more quality arrangements in this field, so (a) What IS you favourite big band/swing arrangement and (b) can you recommend any others. I already have arrangements of Splanky, Skyliner, All the Way, New York New York, Trumpet Blues and Cantabile (off the top of my head. I'm sure I have a few more. Just can't remember them right now!)

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