Favourite Note?


Favourite note...eh? Hmm...
The problem is someone (usually alf) else is playing my favourite note!!!!
There seems to be lots Ab's and Eb's as peoples fav. Being a bit a jazzer I tend to have favourite keys, not notes. On the cornet it tends to be an intonation thing, so the keys of Eb maj(C min) and Ab maj(F min - Aby-inwales-No.1 120 Hymns) are for me the keys which work well, are the easiest to keep in trim. Of course, improv. in these keys can get a bit naughty! It's almost like keys put the notes in context, playing (for me) a G off an Eb is much more secure than playing the G off, say, E, D, or C(#)!
Of course if I'm completely honest, my favourite note is double-top(super) C on the very rare occasions I manage to wimpily squeak :oops: one out. That is only after I've regained all cognitive control, the mouthpiece has been extracted from deep within the embouchure, and I've changed my underwear.:mad:


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Note..well I hate D (just under stave) cause on my euph I only have 3 valves and its rubbish note esp. without 4th valve.

Fave though, I love (treble) 4th space E, its lovely and clear sounding, also an easy note to get.

I like the keys of Eb and A. I dunno why.


my favourite note on any of my tuned percussion instruments has to be like Ukdrummerboy b flat, on untuned percussion it has to be hit.


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My favourite note on the cornet is G


and on horn it's Bb!


I don't know why! Perhaps i like those keys1 --- not too many accidentals!

ben! :S


Bottom f (concert) if playing bass tromb cos it always glows, on tenor i like a top C (concert) cost once you're up there it can be quite a magnificent sound. fav note ever written is second tromb in the orchestral version of finlandia penultimate note. can't actually remember what the note is.


I'd say top Eb, above top C on the trombone. Not the easiest note to squeeze out but what a beautiful sound when you hit it just perfect. Underused though, trom parts should always be this high :wink:

Also, love the top D at the end of Rhapsody for Trombone, bit of a bone shaker but again, beautiful when done properly.


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So true! As your high range grows, you find that there are certain notes that you have to work hard to hold, and others that almost feel self-sustaining. After the hard slog involved in getting to high C#, D and Eb are a blessedly resonant relief, before getting back to more splittable things with the E.


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Favourite, has to be Pedal Bb, just seems to ring forever without much effort..

Hated Note would have to be anything above the stave..


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Stewart said:
Straightmute said:
really big twigge said:
I'm with the musicman on the Eb above middle C, on any instrument its a corker !

Still prefer D#


Nah, I find D# a bit... well... sharp, Eb sits much more nicely and is more mellow somehow.

Sorry I was talking middle C on the piano - my low D# on trumpet. Mahler 5 and all that.

Eb at the top of the stave??? No no no - the word you're looking for is FLAT!!! :twisted:



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I love the G above middle C when played on a Sop, with a nice tone it can make you weep! :cry:

Mind you, played by an awful sop can also get the tears going!


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