Favourite Note?

During a post rehearsal pint last night one of our Bass players turned to me and said "Ab is my favourite note". (one of lifes great thinkers!) I asked him why and he explained that it sat nicely and he liked playing it.

This got me thinking - What is my favourite note? I'm thinking its Eb, but which Octave?? But again the reason for this is difficult to put my finger on.

Anybody else have a favourite note AND (here's the rub) a good reason for this?

(Don't you cornet players all rush at once with your Top A suggestion)

Phil Green

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3 Fave notes:

Pedal G (below Pedal C) - great note as it's possible to get loads of air through it so it's still loud, is often the last note of pieces of us so is great for doing the old "over hang" trick - or should that be under hang? ;-)

Eb Fourth space - right in the middle of my normal range, it sings really well (when vibbed) and is in tune on my Courtois

Bottom Ab - as low as I ever play except for pedals. It's a warm note on Eb bass and you can really make it wide. A great note to support the band on because of the resistence of 2+3 valves in that register.

What a saddo!



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On my BBb bass the Eb below the stave has a lovely resonance to it, as have pedal C and Bb, particularly at a low volume.

In contrast, the C just below the stave barks terribly on open, hence I often use 1 &4.


I see that Eb's seem popular, I too am a fan of this note and us Wemians have actually had the same conversation.

I Have 3 notes that are my favourites.
(All Bass Clef)
Eb - 3rd position + T1 (below stave)
Pedal Gb (played traditionally in 5th)
Db - 3rd line (again traditionally 5th) (especially in Slaidburn)

I think we're all sad for this


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Just because i do - top B on euph oh and peddle C

any one see that Alistar McGowan were they had a mock of those 'top 100'
programs - this was the top 100 notes :lol: hillariouse :lol:


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Has to be Eb above mid C for me..... I can always sing that note in tune.... and... it's the first note of an exceptional piece of music - Suite Gothique (Ball) - well the Ct part anyway.... :)



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I don't know about favourite, but a note I have been trying to get on my Euph is the c# almost an octave below pedal c, ie pedalling with all 4 valves pressed down. I can manage any combination of 3 of the valves, but I don't seem to be able to get enough air through the instrument to have all 4 pressed down for such a low note. My least favourite note has to be the c# on the 3rd space on the stave, it always seems difficult to pitch.
I'm with Phil Green on this one.

Ab below the stave on my Eb Bass makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, particularly if it is a sustained note propping up the rest of the band. The MD has even stopped the band to comment on the effect! :oops: (Near the beginning of Japanese Slumber Song if I remember rightly)

For me its a low Bb (2nd line up in Bass clef)

Its the note i always tune timpani upto first (and probably the most commonly used note on timpani when playing with Brass Bands!!!)

Big Twigge

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G or B natural (in the stave!) why? they're friendly notes and I don't (very often) have to brace myself to play them!
I like an E at the top of the stave, the reason being on Horn, this is a really nice note to play. Very rarely get an E wrong.
Middle B natural, why? , I once had an Eb bass that when I played this note, the instrument vibrated and as I play with the instrument between my legs!, I'll leave the rest to you. :D


well its a close one between Ab and Eb (4th space) but I'd say that the Eb has to win it on tuning purposes, Ab can be dodgy sometimes.

Eb is a great note that can be found in lots of lovely slow movements and sounds lurvely.... :D


Pedal A on my trusty Eb Bass

Must be something in the mind, as it is the same pitch as the 32 foot organ pedal pipes sounding a concert pitch contrabass C

Lush note - really rings out true.

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