Favourite 'Friends' Character!

Which one's your favourite?

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They are all terrible and I'm glad that the show has finished!!

Lets see what sort of **** I get into for that!!!


Agree in a way, I think when it first started it was good, but I got a bit sick of, this is the last series, no this is the last series! It went on for too long and it does seem like Channel 4 use Friends repeats to fill any slot


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I don't like it either (didn't dare say before in fear of being attacked by thousands of friends fans) It's all too american for me, and really not very funny!


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Still no-one for Ross eh?

I've never been able to chose between Rachel/Monica/Phoebe. They all appeal to me differently and I suppose my perfect woman would be a combination of all three.

I've always fancied Courtney Cox the most though. I love her :)

And Jennifer Aniston too. And Lisa Cudrow. Hell, I'll have all three </not greedy>