Favourite 'Friends' Character!

Which one's your favourite?

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was just reading the favourite friends topic trying to put off going to Quantum Mechanics ([shudders] eurgh [/shudders]), and thought, who's everyone's favourite friends character?

mine's got to be joey, very closely followed by chandler!

vote away!


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I liked the one played by Daniel Craig best . . .

(Sorry - I thought you meant "Our friends in the north" :wink: )


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I (like neiltwist) am a scientist. I can't stand Ross (even though I actually get some of his Paleontology jokes). Matt LeBlanc (Joey) is the best. I hope his show is coming to the UK this fall.

(BTW neiltwist - as far as I am concerned, anything to put off Quantum physics is a good idea!!)

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Girls - definitely drool-licious Rachel the peanut smuggler.

Men - Chandler (Miss Chanandler Bong)...Could he BE any funnier?...although I love Joey's food and Sandwich ethic!

It's the best show ever to come out of the US.


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girls - rachel (coz she is so hot!) or phoebe coz shes so random!!

guys - chandler (he's hilarious) or joey (coz he's funny and good lookin!!)

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