Favourite Conductor

Ok, we've had fav cornet, trombone etc.........waht about favourite conductor?

Personally, there are a few, Eric Cunnigham, (of Every Ready, many moons ago. Is he still alive?), Walter Hargreaves, and Richard Evans.

If this subject has been posted previously, I apologise and will have myself thrashed at dawn!


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My favourite conductors are:
Dave Newman (My conductor)
Paul McGrath
Garry Cutt
Richard Evans
Elgar Howarth
Frank Renton

Those are my favourites because they're just really nice guys, and they're wicked to play under!
Band or in the world?
Richard Evans is great, Nick Childs, Professor Dave King :wink:
But overall the best conductors ive had must be Mark Elder and Franz Krager, amazing guys, completely different but the most musical people i've ever met...


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I really enjoyed playing under Bob Childs on the Swansea Summer school course. He's a great chap and really made sure that we enjoyed ourselves :wink:

The Cornet King

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Yeh i played under David Hirst once, just for a concert and he was a really nice chap.
Played under Geoff Whitham quite a few times and he comes out with some belting lines. A real comic and a brilliant conductor.

My other fave's would have to be Dave King for sheer quality of musicianship he gets out of performances time and again and also Robert Childs again for the quality of the performance he can extract so consistently and also for the ease he makes conducting look :D

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