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Just to get in on all the food polls!

What's your favourite brand of chocolate? For me it has to be anything Cadbury's.

I HATE Nestle chocolate!!!!!

Jo Elson

I was the biggest chocoholic ever a few months ago. I used to eat at least one bar everyday, and I wasn't really fussy about the make however I did consume more cadbury's than anything else. Some chocolate I find slightly sickly like galaxy.
However I don't know what happened but I don't eat it hardly at all any more. I tink I ate so much that I reversed the effect of loving it to it not even bothering me. I tries to see how long I could go without and I last 2days, now I can go weeks![/u]


Oh no! It has to be Galaxy! I like most types of chocolate but galaxy (in various shapes and forms) is my favourite!!!
I thought galaxy was part of the mars consortium though not nestle!!!!


Staff member
No Milky Bar :?: :!: :!:

I like white chocolate, if it is not too sickly, but agree Cadbury's takes some beating - although we mustn't forget black Magic either :lol:

Anyone for Golden (Slippers) Crunch :?: :wink: :lol:


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Despot said:
PeterBale said:
No Milky Bar :?: :!: :!:
Milky bar is Nestle! Ohhh white chocolate......really , really sweet and disgusting! :D

I realise that, but I am not generally over-fond of other Nestle chocolate, although Yorkie isn't too bad. :lol:
Yep, for me in this country it has to be Cadbury. However, can't beat good continental dark choclate with a high cocoa solid content.
By the way, white chocolate is a candy not a choclate (strictly speaking).
TTFN :roll:


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Well You Wont believe this but im alergic to Chocolate..............

I love it soooooooooo, i turn out in big heavy rashes which is exasma if thats how you spell it, so i never get easter eggs but i love chocolate!


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Cadburys, esp cos my uncle works there!

My fave actual bar has to be Crunchie - for that Friday feeling!


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