Fave COnducters and there Pieces? PLEASE REPLY!

In Music i have to do like an essay on differant conducters and there pieces, so i thought to myself how i can do this so then it came to me and i had an :idea: . (wich is very rare :roll: ) I thought that i would post a topic on here and ask people to tell me there fave COMPOSERS and PIECES. Please help me as this is Homework and i cant do it without your help. Thankyou.


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Sounds interesting Donna, much better than the stuff I had to do at school!
Have a look at some of the replies on the greatest test piece thread - its a sticky at the top of The Rehearsal Room. Lots of people have posted their favourites with the composers listed too. Maybe you could ask Breadof Heaven, the guy who's running it, for some numbers?

Good luck!
numbers??? I dont get you there please can you explain as i am really :? i am only young so i find this really :? Thanks anyway i will.


Eric Ball,Gilbert Winter,Phil Wilby are all popular Brass composers as are Philip Sparke and Peter Graham.Any of those with a wee bit of research should do.


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Breadof Heaven is putting everyone's lists into a spreasdsheet, so he could probably tell you the Composer with most different pieces, and the composers and pieces with them most votes.

For what its worth, my favourite composers are Peter Graham (Harrison's dream, The Essence of Time, On Alderley Edge, Montage), Philip Sparke (Partita, Celtic Suite, Harmony Music, London Overture, Kaleidoscope) and Eric Ball (Journey into Freedom). They've written too many pieces to write them all here! You can get lists of pieces by composer on the Just Music website. http://www.justmusicuk.com
Go into the Brass Band catalogue, click on FIND (2nd valve from the left!) and put someone's surname in the "composer" field.

Just had another thought - I'm sure if you asked Philip Sparke (Anglo Music Press) or one of the other composers on tMP very nicely for some information about themselves/their music they'd help you out.

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