Fantasy Football Team Names

hi all

i am in a fantasy football "league" with a few friends, and i am looking for a good team name, preferrably brass related.

the only one i cna think of is "Knights Templar".

your thoughts please


2nd man down

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:shock: yeeshk!! Just realised how many ways that particular name could be mis-read...forget that one!! :?


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2nd man down said:
How about
"Who's the *beeb* in the Black Dyke"

Nicely put 2md :shock:

A few ideas:

* The Champions (as in the march)
* The Cossack (if you are into the Russian domination of football!!!)
* Wingates (hmmmm :? )


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Not specifically band related but "The Muppets", would be especially apt if you have quite a few players from Newcastle and Man Utd :twisted:

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How about

"In off the last post"

"Off the cross bar line"

"Out by the cornet flag"

"Euph gotta go for goal"

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