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I think that 'close up' photos of the controversial performance will being going up on the band's website shortly. Those who weren't present can then judge for themselves. Personally I thought it was funny but then again I am completely biased, (and was partially responsible for the idea!)

As for fantasy bands by section my effort is:

Resident Conductor: Bryan Hurdley
Professional (if needed): Bram Tovey
Solo Cornets: Grimey
Back Row: Dyke
Flugel/Horns: YBS
Baritones/Euphs: Fairey
Troms: Grimey
Basses: Fodens
Percussion: Breage Band ( :wink: )

Sounds good to me!

Conductors: Alan Withington & Garry Cutt

Front Row: Grimethorpe
Back Row: YBS
Horns/Flugel: Faireys
Baritones: Fodens :p
Euphoniums: Black Dyke
Trombones: Black Dyke
Eb Basses: Grimethorpe
Bb Basses: Faireys
Percussion: (not included in my fantasy) :wink:


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big_benthomson said:
Baritones: Fodens :p
whats the ":p" for ben ;);) hehe

Sop: YBS
Rep + Backrow: YBS
Principal Cornet: Dyke
Front Row: Faireys
Flugal + Horns: YBS
Baris: YBS
Euphs: Dyke
Troms: Grimey
Ebs: Grimey
Bbs: YBS
Perc: YBS/Grimey

edit: forgot conductors ;) resident: Steve Sykes. Pro: Dave King


Here goes...

Resident: Russell Gray
Professional: Bram Tovey

Sop: Kevin Crockford
Principal cornet: David Daws
Front row: Faireys
Back row: Cory
Flugel: Dyke
Horns: YBS
Baritones: YBS
Euphs: Fodens
Trombones: Grimethorpe
Ebs: YBS
Bbs: Leyland

Percussion: Fodens

uncle eric

hello everyone,
this one's had me and our ada almost coming to blows, only i got a bit breathy and she told me to sit down before i had one of my turns.
anyway, we think
sop. that chap at yorkshire society band
cornets. ada loves brighouses
horns. grimethorpe (we both thought that)
euphoniums/baritones we couldn't decide. i think we thought that we liked sellers fairys grimethorpes yorkshire society's and fodens
trombones. ada was adament it was fairys, but i'm positive she means cory. anyway. one of them
basses. i said fairys. ada says grimethorpe uk
drums. we forgot about them. we'll say errrrrm......fodens.

hope this helps

Uncle eric


Conductor: Bramwell Tovey
Resident: Michael Fowles

Cornets: Cory
Horns (inc Flugel): YBS
Euph/Bari: Black Dyke
Troms: Grimethorpe
Basses: YBS
Percussion: YBS

That's my twopenth worth!


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Right... here goes:

Front row: Fairey (can afford to have Brian Taylor as low as 3rd man - nuff said!)
Back Row and sop: YBS
Flug and Horns: Dyke
Euphs/Baris: Fodens
Troms: Grimey
Basses: Dyke
Perc: Erm... argh! Dunno
3rd Triangle: Me

Difficult one this... I could quite easily change any of the sections round for ones from other top bands... most of them I went for to include certain individuals!

uncle eric

Nadia said:
are you a relation to uncle_norbert by any chance?

i'm afraid i have absolutely no idea what your talking about? is there someone on here with that name? i was only putting what we thought. oh dear.

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