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If you were going to a fancy dress party, what would be your first choice to dress up as and why? I'm cheating a bit because I'm having a fancy dress party next week at Castle Kerwin and I need some inspiration. :D

Big Twigge

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Is there a theme to this party?

Wilma flintstone works well (all you need is a whits sheet, some scissors and some polystyrene)... instant outfit

If there no theme...something strange and highly impractical for me :shock:


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Big Twigge said:
Is there a theme to this party?

Wilma flintstone works well (all you need is a whits sheet, some scissors and some polystyrene)... instant outfit

Me and my brother did that I was Wilma and he was Fred it was really good we just got some white silk and cut it up and made a dress out of it and used some cotton wool balls on a piece of string for a necklace! and for my brother we just bought some lion skin material and made a sort of dress thingy for him and an inflatable wooden club as well! we tried to dye his hair black but it didn't work! and I put my hair up as much as i could! :wink: It's really good when it's done!!!

vix x


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Could always wear a string vest, wrap a bandage around your head and stick a paper under your arm and hey presto....instant Rab C Nesbitt :wink:
Maestro said:
Could always wear a string vest, wrap a bandage around your head and stick a paper under your arm and hey presto....instant Rab C Nesbitt :wink:

I'm quite sure with a string vest on it may look obscene. :wink:


A couple of years ago me and 2 mates dressed up as the Ghostbusters. That was pretty easy- white-ish overalls and a bit of work on the powerpak which was just a rucksack covered by a carboard box with made up dials and switches etc. When we arrived at the party we went into the main room to the theme tune. Was a bit of a larf.

Theme parties are usually good. This year the host of the party I'm going to has had a good idea. The party is themed on colours i.e. red, blue, green and yellow. All invitees are designated a colour beforehand and you have to come wearing clothes of that colour, (and it stipulates all clothes). Those who wear an item of clothing in the wrong colour faces a forfeit. There is going to be stupid games throughout the evening and 'prizes' for the winning team.

Sounds good on paper and, so long as everybody joins in, I reckon it will be good.

Just some ideas.



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Morticia Addams is good (I have the appropriate wig if you need it!) or tarts 'n'vicars (there are photos somewhere in Cumbria of me as a tarty vicar)

Rach x

The Cornet King

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Would HAVE to be Adolf Hitler! :D

Why i hear you ask???

Being a 2nd Year Uni History student mostly...but also because their seems to be a certain sense of comedy value about dressing up as him...must be the moustache! :lol:

Yep Hitler it is... :shock: (for the politically minded out there...I wish to add i am in no way a supporter of the extreme right!! :lol: )



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Went to a fancy dress party as a fairy once:

Pair of shorts rolled up and tacked to become makeshift hotpants, nicked a pair of Mums net curtains for a tu-tu, pair of mums (clean) tights. Black Dr. Martens polished and with a christmas bow on the front of each. One of Mums (clean) bra's stuffed with tissue and with a cardboard 'cone' in each. Wings made from coathangers wrapped in tinsel, sewn onto the back of a white T-shirt. Halo made from another coathanger wrapped in tinsel and then a wand made from a garden cane (which had been supporting one of Dads prize fuschias) and a chistmas star on the top!!!!

When I got to the pub where the fancy dress part was.........I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN FANCY DRESS!!!!!! NIGHTMARE!!!!!

Oh well, as I recall, I won the competition and got very very drunk too!!!!


Puss Puss


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I think it is Peter Kay who tells of going to a fancy dress party as a snail . . . when asked why he had a girl on his back he responded: "That's Michelle" :wink:


i went to a fancy dress party as tarzan wearing some skimpy bit of fur and a bit of brown stuff smeared over me....yey! (hmm regret that one now on reflection, looked a bit of a tart!)

also dressed up as an army girl with 5 mates which was fun had toy gun, camoflauge hit flask (with sneaky bottle of wine in, which i got past the bouncers...hurrah!), authentic russian army hat, dog tags and camoflauge army paint on face.


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My friend (who is Barbie) and I dressed up as Patsy and Edina from AbFab for her birthday party. The resemblance was frightening especially when we tried to sing Wheel's On Fire....
I once went with my ex as a schoolboy and schoolgirl, xept I went as the schoolgirl....plaid skirt, pigtails and stockings.

Some thought I enjoyed it too much......... :shock:

I've seen Bottyburp as a bride - the wedding dress was about 5 sizes too mal for him.

Oh..and there is a well know prince who plays for a band in Staffordshire who went to a medieval themed dinner as a gorrilla!! :lol:
goin to a panto themed party on new yrs eve. got myself a nice sky-blue frock with gold sparkly bits all over it and a huge wig. looks the part. nicked it all from me mums school too.
oh, and by the way, i dont do drag on a regular basis or anything.........


hey alex

Is anybody actually still going as famous historical people?? I ordered my costume the other day (not a famous person though)...should have arrived on wednesday but still isn't here!! :cry: gutted so amur :wink: Wonder if it's accidently got lost in the post...hmmmmm......


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