Fancy a bit of Sir Ed ?



Not sure if this is the right place to put this but here goes.

If you can't get down to the Nationals in London and want to hear a band interpretation of Sir Edward Elgar's Enigma Variations you will be welcome to come to the Brighouse and Rastrick band room tonight. The rehearsal tonight will begin at 19.30 till about 22.00, and tommorrow and Thursday night there will be the opportunity to hear the band play at the Central Methodist Church in Brighouse at the same rehearsal times.
For those who have not been to the bandroom before the bandroom is in the grounds of Brighouse High School, everyone is welcome.


Richard Jones


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midwalesman said:
Fancy a bit of Sir Ed ?

I remember him when he first came on television, although he was plain old Mr Ed then :!: :wink: :lol:

Seriously, hope your practices go well, and looking forward to hearing you on Saturday - so long as you don't pip my choices when the results come up :shock:


Mr ED!!!!!

Old Mr Ed, the talking horse was before my time but I've seen the re-runs!! Lol

Anyway, I think perhaps you should put some money on us as an each way bet!!

We're all looking forawrd to it, enjoying the piece, although feel its a shame that some of the other movements which we think are better are missing. We are crossing our fingers but we'll be there or there abouts. Then again, who knows the wierd and wonderful inner thinking of the adjudicator...

The Cornet King

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Hey MidwalesMan.

Just wanna find out how everything is going at Brighouse?? Lived in Rastrick nearly all my life so supporting you at the RAH!

Say hi to Melvin Bathgate for me!!!

Front Row, Cottingham band


Melvyn the Magician!!!

I will pass on your regards to the magician.... Will be looking out for your loud shouting at the end of our performance! Especially when the back row stand up! :wink:

The Cornet King

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Enigma Variations

Hey Midwalesman.

Curiosity geting the better of me now. What's Brighouse finding the test piece like? Is their one particular variation causing major(excuse the unintended pun) problems?
Am i right in thinking its all gonna come down to who can play Nimrod well without having to pick their lips up off the floor afterwards??

Sure all you stars aint having any probs with it, and i wish you all the best of luck.

Front Row, Cottingham Band.


Sir Ed....

Wonder how many bands are rehearsing all through each night this week, e.g. Briggus 19.30 to 22.00 every night....or do ay have a night off.


Crat's birthday!!

Answers answers!!!

First of all Crat, thou didnt look to hot the other night. Liked the light blue-radioactive colour of your pint...good night was it ?

Second, nope, had no nights off. We have been working hard on what can certainly be a very hard test piece.

Thirdly, hard variations. Picking lips off the floor is pretty difficult after Nimrod going into E.D.U but then again the quiet exposed playing is difficult as well as getting the detail of different accents, dynamics, weeding out the wrong notes, phrasing and tempi etc. The piece is pure music, technical aspects revolve around getting a tidy sound and controlling that sound. For me the piece begs out for a controlled sound, the only truly loud parts should be reached in the finale. Looking forward to the bit which releases all the tension, a bit like going to the ol' bathroom after getting off the band bus I think!! lol

Anyway, off to bed early start tommorrow,


Marvellous nite thanks dick-I'm sure all those grannies had a lovely Sunday dinner in the beer garden after I'd spent most of the evening covering it in the aforementioned radioactive blue stuff.

All the best for tomorrow,


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