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A friend of mine is currently tracing back her family tree. I was wondering if any of you out there may be able to help.

Her Grandad, Dan Young, was Bandmaster and Conductor at Stacksteads Prize Band during 1950's/60's. He was also involved over the years with Whitworth Vale and Healey Band and Goodshaw Band.

Do any of you (or any relatives) have any old photos or any memories of Dan that I could pass onto her.

I know its a long shot, but I know what a helpful and resourceful bunch you are :D



Just a bit of extra information (for those of you who do not know Lancashire too well) oops :oops:

Stacksteads is just outside Bacup Centre
Whitworth Vale and Healey - between Bacup and Rochdale
Goodshaw - between Rawtenstall and Burnley

Get in those attics!!!


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Hi there,

I used to be in Stacksteads Band up to 5 years ago, but i still have contact info for the secretary there if you want them?

Im sure someone can help you as there are some players that have played in the band from near that time.....I think!!!!:confused:

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You could contact Stephen Lord who has just written a book about the history of whitworth band and has been given lots of old photo's, he may be able to help or at least give you some information with regards to your Grandfather as he oftem helped out at stacksteads. You cand find his email address on the following site

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