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Are too many family members in one band an asset or not?
Looking round at various bands in my area I notice a
lot of family members in the same band. With my
experience I've found that by upsetting one you upset
the lot, and then end up with half a band. It's all
fine when families are happy but as soon as
you cross them that's where the trouble starts. Do
conductors and other band members feel that they are
being backed into a corner when there are so many
family members present? I know of several bands which have suffered from this situation and are struggling or they have simply folded.
Is there anyone else who sees this as a problem or is
it a risk bands have to take and put up with .

James McFadyen

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Thankfully, my Dad is about as tuneful as a plank of wood, but my Sister used to play the Cornet when I played Sop for Buckhaven. Having a sister in the band wasn't wiered for me, just when she left :cry:


I think it depends, i've played in bands when there have been fathers and sons, or two or three brithers in the same band and there has never been a problem, but when yiu have generations of players it can get difficult and upsetting one can upset all of them.


in my band there is me, my dad and brother. my mate, her brother (when he is back from uni), and her dad used to be our bandmaster. there are also two sisters and another pair of brothers before one left. oh and one of the backrow cornet players' cousins used to come but i havent seen him for a while.....

our band is definately a family affair! :lol:

in terms of getting to rehersals and jobs its good coz no one has an excuse to forget. it also mean you can practice at home together. the only downside i can see is that new people joining the band might be a bit intimidated by how well everyone else knows each other.


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You oughtta play for tHB!!!

The family ties are great...

  • MD married to 3rd cornet
    Principal married to percussionist
    2nd man dating flugel
    4th man married to second cornet who is sister of 2nd baritone who in turn is married to principal percussionist
    2nd cornet father of 3rd man
    Rep's father ex-BBb bassist
    My dad used to conduct and my mam played 2nd trom!

Have I missed any?

Rach x


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I used to play in the same band as my brother and sister. But my brother doesn't play anymore and i now play in a different band to my sister.

Mr nice guy

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I dont think its such a problem having alot of family members in the bandroom , its when you get them on the commitee things can go abit pear shaped.[/b]
It can be OK, I used to play in a band with my brother...very competative it was :)

Can ruin some bands though - there have been bands local to me (not mentioning names) where the family has been in it for generations and effictively dictated things like a dynasty. The atmosphere in the band always seemed very strained. Things are much better in that band now the main culprits are gone and everyone now goes drinking after band :D
:evil: This is a very upsetting topic as it is bringing back memories of a lovely band i was in. The conducter you found was related to the Principal Cornet the Euphonium player and the solo and 2nd Horn he also related to the 2nd cornet who was totally RUBBISH (no offence) he didn't like any of the senior band and his dream was to make a band, because of the fact that he didnt like any of the senior band he placed me and a few more who were related to the senior band on 3rd and the lowest part this didn't mind me but when all these snobs who were related to him came and got higher when the were RUBBISH it really did cheese me off. When he decided to break away he stoped so low that he went round the band and told them all it was called "&*&$%#@^*&#^*&@#^%$$%^@%#%@#^%%#*&!^#@%$#^&%@#%" NOT SWEARIN BUT IT IS TOO MY FAMILY. lol and never told me or the band members who were related to the seniors. WHEN HE NEEDS PLAYERS HELL ASK BUT HE HAS ONE HECK OFF A NERVE. :evil:

If any people now who i am going on about and think they now me plz tell the others i say hello i miss you all like crazy but i aint stopin that low and betraying my family and the band. Miss you all like crazy though. HEY GANG. :cry:

Big Twigge

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All three little Twigge girls used to play with Wem. Biggest sister hasn't played for a few years now, but Elin and I will be there in force at the areas

It's never caused a problem, but thats because we're such lovely girls :? !!!!!!!


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cornetgirl said:
  • MD married to 3rd cornet
    Principal married to percussionist
    2nd man dating flugel
    4th man married to second cornet who is sister of 2nd baritone who in turn is married to principal percussionist
    2nd cornet father of 3rd man
    Rep's father ex-BBb bassist

    Have I missed any?

  • No; I thought there were more! Should make it clear that the second cornet who is married to the 4th man is not the same as the second cornet who is father of the 3rd man and that the percussionist married to the principal is not the same percussionist as the one who is married to the second baritone. Hope that clarifies.



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Hmm this should be interesting:

-MD's daughter is Bumper Upper and is getting married to Solo Trom in April.
-Principal Cornet is married to 1st Horn, and mother is on committee.
-2 Solo Cornet players are married to each other.
-Soprano is married to Flugel.
-2nd Horn is married to Timp player.
-Euphonium married to 1st Baritone.
-Rep's mum is Treasurer.

And again I think there's more. Surely most bands are inbred to a degree? Or is it just ours? :p


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I sat next to my mum on the front row for a while ... things can get a bit confruntational!!! :D :?

Why've I moved to Eb Bass!? :shock: :D


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my sister plays 3rd cornet and her husband solo bari! , and we all including my brother used to play in the junior band - my other sister being a french horn outcast -

i know my sister and brother been in the same band in the army has caused fall outs but only between themselves


In the first band I played for, Whiston Brass, my four sisters and two brothers also played. My mother then started to learn the sop and I was forced to leave as she produced a sound only satan himself could manufacture.
In my current band there are the following family ties:

- Flugel, Solo trombone and Bass Trombone (ex solo euph) are all brothers and their father is band librarian (ex player)
- Principal cornet is married to 1st horn
- 2nd trombone is father of one of the percussion players
- Solo Euph married to 2nd Euph.
- 3rd cornet's father used to play for many many many years but recently retired. Same player's Grandfather looks after uniforms!

I think that covered everyone. Occasionally my girlfriend helps out too although she usually has to sit next to me poor girl!

The band in general has very strong family ties and strong ties with the village where it's based. Everyone seems to get along.....most of the time!

Naomi McFadyen

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My previous bands had a lot of families in them... of course then if politics came up and one family member left the rest would follow! then you lose half a band!

In Bearpark and Esh there is a huge family connection...
Solo Horn and Principal Cornet are bro and sis...
Princ. Cornet is married to one of the percussionists, and daughter on 3rd cornet... 1st Horn is daughter to Solo Horn... Flugel is dad to princ. Cornet and Solo Horn players :p

Then we have a father on 2nd horn, son on 3rd cornet...


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In a previous band:

principal married to flugel who was the treasurer's daughter
principal's brother on solo horn
2nd man son of Eb bass II and librarian
3rd man married to flugel's brother
4th man dating 2nd cornet
rep married to Eb bass I
2nd horn father of bass trombone
1st bari married to 2nd euph
solo euph dating BBb
solo trom married to 1st horn
father and son team on percussion


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