Faireys pricipal cornet seat?

Maybe this will help, shamelessly cut from 4BR

In relation to the position of Principal Cornet, the band are still considering a number of options available to them and will make decision when the time is right for everyone involved. We still have an excellent Principal Cornet in Ian Porthouse and more than enough strength in the cornet section as a whole to make sure the right selection is made to fill the position.

They also informed 4BR that a decision concerning the position of the vacant Principal Cornet seat will hopefully be resolved in the New Year, although he did confirm that Phillip McCann has been helping the band out in the mean time. “We are very grateful to Phillip for his assistance in helping the band out during the last few weeks. He will be continuing to assist us over the next month or so as we have a number of high profile engagements and recordings. His playing has been quite brilliant and we have been delighted with his contribution. However, no decision has been made as yet with respect to the Principal Cornet seat on a permanent basis.”

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